Role: Concept, Design, Photo Compositing, Headline. Created inhouse.

Role: Art Direction, and all production including 3D Modeling in Specular Infini-D, and Illustrator / Photoshop. Direct to client, running in the AdTech NY, tradeshow guide.

Role: Postcard invitation for one of my own speaking gigs (created in Illustrator). Zero Power Smart Fashion — a wearable technology event — was held during New York Fashion Week at the Swiss Consulate in New York City.

Role: Art Direction for Time Warner Cable at Ogilvy. The needlepoint visual was created entirely in Illustrator & Photoshop.

Role: Art Direction of visual concept, playing off the headline. All Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign production. Direct to client, running in AdWeek Magazine.

Role: Photoshop.
From the archives! Early in my career, in 1996, I worked a night-shift job in the photo retouching department at Bozell Advertising's 23rd Street offices, in New York City. Bozell created the legendary MILK Mustache campaign. Truth be told, milk doesn't leave quite the mustache advertised. Instead, to create the effect, models were photographed with heavy cream. Even then, it would only leave a pale film. The campaign required extensive photo manipulation to get the memorable "milk mustache" effect. That was where I came in — for this print ad I retouched all the "milk" on Eddie & Alex Van Halen.