I have worked extensively in pharmaceutical, healthcare and wellness including Art Director of the Cialis website at Ogilvy, UI Designer of the Lipitor website for MC2, print collateral for Zoloft, among others. Below is a colateral piece for RELPAX. Feel free to contact me for a dedicated healthcare book.

RELPAX migraine medication has the unusual property of being light sensitive. If exposed to light, the pills lose efficacy. Consequently, the blister pack is opaque, and needs to be stored away from light. It is also taken episodically, so it must be available at the first sign of a migraine. We came up with the idea of a keychain. I worked with a CAD operator to design a custom key-fob that precisely fit a two pill blister pack. As I recall, there was once a McDonald's patent on the Apple Pie pack design, but it was since off patent. I wanted the key-fob to come packaged in container that mimicked the key-fob shape. This was the final shipped design for the starter-package, for new RELPAX prescribers.