Given I do some “side hustle” work as a market analyst on the near-eye optic display market, most of these drawings are of near-eye displays, created for editorial—noted in the upper left. In addition to many tech media outlets, my technical illustrations have been featured in the book, Virtual Reality, by former Oculus Chief Scientist, Steven M. LaValle, under license to his publisher, Cambridge University Press.

In the 90s I spent a couple years as an in-house technical illustrator at Morgan Stanley (NDA), in New York. I created most of the technical illustrations in the fund-raising prospectus for the Goldman Sachs building in downtown Newark, NJ (NDA). I was a technical illustrator for the NYNEX acquisition of Bell Atlantic prospectus, for Salomon Brothers, New York (NDA). In 1995, I was a Disney illustrator for a year (ask me about it sometime), and while at MVBMS / HAVAS, I created the Dr. Seuss illustrations for the Universal Studios pitch (Won).