As a commercial cleaning product line, PURTEQ's communications materials across mediums are focused on the trade. As a startup, various communication strategies have been explored as we seek to find our market fit. This page illustrates both the underlying structure of some digital assets, as well as specific tactical communications pieces.

The PURTEQ website is built on the Shopify platform, with a proprietary coded homepage carousel. We created our own Shopify theme template. The streamlined information architecture above shows the basic structure. The proprietary carousel consists of up to three component layers, stacked from back to front: a 1920x640 video file as a background, a transparent PNG file used for the product, and a vector based SVG file used for all typography and the PURTEQ mark. The module as built can use one, two, or all three graphic components which animate into view staggered, and from opposite directions, making the transitions dynamic. Obviously each module can be assigned a different click target (in this case, to their respective product pages).

These assets can then be reused for other advertising opportunities.

View the event deck for ISSA (PDF opens in a new window).

Some tactical initiatives have focused on specific verticals, one being the janitorial & custodian market at large public school systems. These efforts have been supported with back-to-school messaging, touting our non-toxic formulas, on social channels.

For these examples I worked with a writer, made stock photo selects, edited video, and created all motion graphics.

For these vertical-specific tactical campaigns, a variety of reusable brand assets were created, including the product identification flip.

Other initiatives have been product specific. KLENZ, KLARIFY & DLETE have been PURTEQ's hero products. For this KLENZ ad unit, I shot the video of our CEO washing his car engine (KLENZ is a degreaser), as well as cleaning a grape juice stain from the carpet (yes, that fade is real), and of course I created all motion graphics.

In this example KLENZ is a multi-purpose cleaner that uses the colloidal chemistry of micelle nanoparticles, composed of lipids. Like all PURTEQ products, it is non-toxic. One of the hurdles of marketing a non-toxic cleaning product is educating the buyer—educating them on both the merits of a non-toxic product, and the dangers of more toxic products in common use.


In the above social communication thread, the first post links to an article on the dangers of Bleach (a product that, in some use cases competes with KLENZ), published in the trade press. The next two posts in the thread link to two academic papers, supporting the risks discussed in the more accessible article. This was part of an ongoing PURTEQ educational series.

This is an example of one of my own initiatives. I researched the competitive products, found articles, found the supporting research, found the pertinent quotes, created the accompanying graphics, and managed the social media accounts to distribute the educational material.


Given my experience writing technical editorial, I ghost write white papers in the name of PURTEQ's CEO (and in this case, created all accompanying graphics).