Multiple examples of client PR programs.

The KLARIFY Graphene-Enhanced Glass Cleaner, PR Kit's tri-panel brochure.
ROLE: Concept, Wrote, Design, and Production.

Given a short production run of 14 kits, these were made by hand.
This is a how-to video:

Press coverage on FOX 13, Memphis.

Joining the team pre-funding, as the first non-Japanese team member, I was Telepathy’s “man in New York.” I held a press party touting Takahito as the former winner of TechCrunch Disrupt Tokyo’s first New York media appearance, hired caterers, and generated the media shown in the deck above. FirstHand Capital would soon lead our Series A based partially on our ability to generate positive media exposure, with very little money.

Press coverage on CNet, by Scott Stein:

Scott Stein photographed while filming the episode above, directly from the party, to beat everyone to press.
View more of the Telepathy Press Party at GigantiCo.

I was hired by Rothenberg to provide both creative services to River Studios, as well as crisis management consulting for Rothenberg Ventures, during the first year of their SEC investigation. In addition to convincing Mike to dump the Frontier Tech Venture Capital rebranding, and return to his Rothenberg Ventures branding, I also arranged the sponsorship of a Rothenberg Ventures’ afterparty at Augmented World Expo 2017, Santa Clara, CA — to get out and be seen — Mike’s first public appearance, since the SEC litigation began.

Mike Rothenberg speaking at the party:

Video courtesy of Cats & VR.